Swedish Massage
A gentle massage that allows for deep relaxation, decreases stress, improves circulation and tones muscles. The perfect escape from a stressful day.
30 minutes | $45 
60 minutes | $65
90 minutes | $100
Deep Tissue Massage
A deeper massage, working specific problem areas to target knots and to release chronic muscle tension. Other benefits include, reducing inflammation, helps to eliminate scar tissue. The focus is on the deepest layer of muscle tissue.
30 minutes | $45 
60 minutes | $70
90 minutes | $105
Soothe tired and sore muscles. The gentle tender loving-care for moms-to-be’ massage. Focusing on the aches, pains, and changes induced by impending motherhood.
60 minutes | $65
90 minutes | $100

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone therapy melts away tension eases stiffness, and also increases circulation. The warm stones are placed on key points on the body to allow for a deeper relaxation of muscle. Our professional massage therapists will incorporate a customized massage with the use of warm stones.
60 minutes | $80
90 minutes | $120

Body Treatments $75 and up
Experience a luxurious, moisturizing body treatment your skin will feel silky smooth and have a radiant appearance. Nourish your skin and reap the therapeutic benefits with the various types of body treatments we have to offer. 
Spa Packages 
La Bella Escape $227
1 Hour Relaxation Massage | Customized Facial | LaBella Manicure | Hair Style | Make-up Application
La Bella Retreat $179
Customized Facial | LaBella Manicure | Spa Reflexology | Hair Style
Gentlemen's Get Away $214
60 Minute Sports Massage | Men's Facial or Back Facial | Spa Reflexology  | Hair Cut & Style 
Personalized Spa Package 
 Allow us to create a personalized package for you, your family and your group in our beautiful spa.
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